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  • February 23 — Friday night at the Forest. 8 pm, arrive by 7:45 pm. Headlamps and collar lights.
  • February 25 — Group Use Area 1, Birds Hill Park. Speedsters at 10 am, everyone else at 10:45 am for the 11 am launch.
  • March 2 (Saturday) — Mushin’ For Mutts race in Kenora. Details tba.
  • When approaching another team, call out to gain the handler’s attention. “Trail, on your right/left!”
  • Slow your dog(s), or come to a stop. Use a ‘suitcase hold’ to better control your dog(s).
  • Wait until the team ahead indicates they are ready to be passed.
  • When passing, skijorers must shorten the gangline.
  • Kick sledders may need to step off the sled, and guide your dog(s) on-by. Do not let go of your team. 
  • After the pass is complete, keep your dog(s) moving forward.
  • If the other team catches up to you, negotiate a running order, and remember: keep your distance!

Kick Sleds to Club Members

The club has two T7 Esla kick sleds which are rented to club members (only) in 2-week blocks, with turn-over on Sundays at club events. Dates in bold are booked.

Dec. 17 to 31: Nikki w/ RubyDec. 17 to 31: Aaron w/ Benji
Dec. 31 to Jan. 14: SharleneDec. 31 to Jan. 14: Wendy
Jan. 14 to 28: Justine S.Jan. 14 to 28: Claire G.
Jan. 28 to Feb. 11: Bethany F.Jan. 28 to Feb. 11: Claire G.
Feb. 11 to 25: Nicky & AndreaFeb. 11 to 25: Nicky & Andrea
Feb. 25 to March 10:Feb. 25 to March 10: