March, 2022

March 18 — Friday night at the Forest. 8 pm, Assiniboine Forest. For experienced club members only. Due to the melting snow and ice, kick sleds and fat bikes are recommended.

March 20 — Group Use Area 1, 11 a.m. It’s Hawaiian Shirt Day, so wear your finest polyester! The photography club will be shooting pix of teams in action.

Kick Sleds to Club Members

The club has two T7 Esla kick sleds which are rented to club members (only) in 2-week blocks, with turn-over on Sundays at club events. Dates in bold are booked.

Feb. 20 to March 6: Erin L & GhostFeb. 20 to March 6: Courtney C.
March 6 to 20: AvailableMarch 6 to 20: Available