Derived from the Norwegian word for “ski-driving”, skijoring is the perfect sport for the cross-country ski enthusiast with one or two dogs.

The skier is outfitted with a skijoring belt, which hooks to a quick-release line attached to an X-back harness on the dog. The skijoring line has an internal bungee at one end which absorbs the shock when you are starting out, or if you fall.

Regular skis are good for beginners, and more experienced skijorers use skate skis for speed or backcountry skis for off-trail work.

The key to skijoring is a well-trained dog, as the faster the skier can ski, the faster the human-dog duo can fly. We’ve heard of people who have skijored behind teams of eight or more dogs, but no one in the club has been tempted to try this yet.